The research fields that Jan van Boeckel is particularly drawn to are: arts-based environmental education, environmental aesthetics, philosophy of nature, education science in general (and specifically environmental education and education for sustainable development), art and ecology, sustainable- and meta-design, (eco)phenomenology, and the psychology of climate change.

In April 2016, Jan explored the latter theme through arts-based presentations and activities at the Climate Existence conference in Sigtuna, Sweden. In that same year, he became a member of a research commission of the British Educational Research Association that focused on “Reviewing the potential and challenges of developing STEAM education through creative pedagogies for 21st century learning.” The final report (2017) can be downloaded here. Between 2011 and 2014, Jan was member of the Dutch advisory group “Designing for the future” (Ontwerpen voor de toekomst) on sustainable development and art education, established by EDU-ART.

Presently Jan van Boeckel is part of two research groups. One on the theme of Art & Science in Education (Kunst og vitenskap i læring) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Ås, headed by Professor Edvin Østergaard. The other on Arts-Based Environmental Education at Aalto University in Finland, led by Professor Anniina Suominen. In 2016, Van Boeckel was invited to be guest editor-in-chief for a special issue of the Arts & Teaching Journal Artizein. For this edition (which appeared in November 2017), authors and artists were invited to reflect on new developments at the interface of art, education, and the natural environment.

Here is an overview of Jan van Boeckel’s publications:

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Jan van Boeckel’s doctoral dissertation, At the Heart of Art and Earth, first appeared in 2013 and was reprinted in 2014 and 2017. On this page, a form opens up through which you can order a printed copy. A PDF of the book is downloadable here (Open Access), and via this link you can easily scroll through it on screen, page by page.

DSC01998Review by Professor Carl Leggo
(University of British Columbia, Canada)
Review by Wioletta Anna Piaścik
(Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland)